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Building an Eight Figure eCommerce Empire with Ezra Firestone

Author: Ad Hacks October 21 | Blog

Building an Eight Figure eCommerce Empire with Ezra Firestone

Author: Ad Hacks October 21 | Blog

Ezra Firestone is the Founder of Smart Marketer and Co-Founder of BOOM by Cindy Joseph along with several other eCommerce brands and businesses. His company now has an annual turnover of $20M-$30M, but it wasn’t always this way.

Over the years, Ezra was able to map out the things successful nine-figure eCommerce businesses were doing to scale, applying these learnings to his own brands.

Today we are revealing his successful strategies on eCommerce, Facebook Ads, social marketing, branding and more.


Watch full training here:

In this exclusive training, Ezra Firestone shares the blueprint you need to build an eight-figure eCommerce brand. Of all the benefits of this exclusive Digital Distillery training, the most important is that it will give you the tools you need to take your business to the next level.

As a taster, here are some of the main points Ezra makes:

1. Spend time on your Why – most marketers think this is just fluff, completely missing the mark with the question of Why. Failing to properly spend time on your Why means you will struggle to position your brand and acquire new customers.

2. Content is key, no seriously  – lead with value and aim to produce one video per week. This can then be syndicated as a blog and social media post. Plus, here’s a bonus tip: use lots of listicles in your content as people love lists.

3. Never send people straight to a sales page – instead, send them to a long-form page that outlines the benefits. This will get them interested in the product before you lead them to a sales page.

4. About 50% of your eCommerce sales will come from recurring customers!

5. Try to reinvest at least 15% of your profits back into your eCom business. Ideally, you should reinvest as much as possible.

Here are some of the links and resources discussed in our exclusive Ezra Firestone video about eCommerce, Facebook Ads, branding and more, highlighting again the benefits of this Digital Distillery training:

1. Unofficial Shopify Podcast (search for Ezra’s interview for Black Friday eCommerce strategies)

2. Ezra’s money talk: (find more videos here)

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