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Author: Ad Hacks January 17 | Blog


Author: Ad Hacks January 17 | Blog

Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)…

What, who, when, where & why?

What the heck is Campaign Budget Optimization & when is it going to kick-off?

CBO stands for Campaign Budget Optimization and our Facebook insider, Depesh Mandalia, gave us a heads up that it’s going to become mandatory when Facebook implements their roll-out plan in Feb/March 2020*.

Due to unforeseen pressure in Q4, the original roll-out date of September 2019 was rescheduled.

And while that info isn’t that important, what is being prepared for the change that’s about to come is.

“Back in Sept 2019 if your ad account had over a certain % of campaigns with Campaign Budget Optimization 56 days ahead of Sept then your ad account became CBO only (meaning you couldn’t create new campaigns and use ad set budgets). The same is planned for Feb/March.” – Depesh

With CBO, you’ll be able to:

      • Spend less time in Ads Manager because you won’t need to manage campaigns from an ad set level
      • Spend more time focusing on marketing & building your business instead
      • Repeatedly increase your ad campaign’s consistency and profit success
      • Optimize your ad spend budget

“CBO is a move away from setting budgets at ad set levels and managing them at campaign level.” – Depesh 

*Dates are subject to change

Meet Depesh Mandalia – Facebook Advertising Gun and CBO Expert

Depesh Mandalia is one of Facebook’s advisors for everything from support to hosting mastermind events at FB’s HQ.

Over the last few years, he’s invested more than $30 million in profitable global ad spend, is responsible for generating over $100M in revenue and has been running CBO exclusively since early 2019.

Get this, Depesh has access to Facebook product & policy teams which means he’s privy to insider news and insights.

If that’s not enough to knock you out of your socks, he’s also a legend when it comes to helping agencies & businesses scale & punch above their weight using Facebook Ads.


Get Across Campaign Budget Optimization Before it’s Too Late

We caught up with Depesh recently and asked him to be one of our FATC (Facebook Ads That Converts) Guest Coaches where he carved out some time to put together exclusive CBO training for our FATC members.

In the training, Depesh speaks through what CBO is, why it’s all about the ingredients that makes this phenomenon so powerful, talks through learnings and insights that came from his Campaign Budget Optimization research and testing, plus so much more.

“I don’t believe anyone on the planet has researched and tested CBO as I have on budgets small and large, eCom, lead gen, local, etc.” – Depesh

Watch a sneak peak of Depesh in action now:

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Hit here to sign-up now and watch Depesh’s exclusive webinar. If you’re already a member you’ll see the training updated shortly in the Guest Coaches section of the portal.

Go on, what are you waiting for?!

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