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The Importance of The Customer Feedback Score

Author: Ad Hacks June 13 | Blog

The Importance of The Customer Feedback Score

Author: Ad Hacks June 13 | Blog

Before we dive in on Facebook customer feedback score, Have you always been thinking of onboarding eCommerce clients, leads or service sales?

Cool, so you’ve done your due diligence and you’re auditing their account. What you’re most likely looking at is their conversion rates and their scalability. How much inventory are they able to scale by, for example? You don’t want to be producing amazing ROAS to then be shut down because the inventory can’t keep up.

So scalability is definitely one to look out for.

But one thing that’s often overlooked in the audit of an eCommerce account is the customer feedback score, even in 2020.

As we all know by now, Facebook prioritises user experience above anything else. So they’ve put this metric in place to ensure both people and advertisers have a positive experience. How that works is that Facebook is continuously analyzing feedback to understand the experience people are getting from the ads. 

What can really tank this score are things like a misrepresented product, bad customer service experiences or longer delivery times than promised. Basically, as an eCommerce store, you don’t want to be making promises you can’t keep. 

And your eCommerce client may claim they are on the straight and narrow, but the only surefire way to know is by checking under the hood and taking a closer look at that customer feedback score.

Penalties for a low customer feedback score include lowering the reach of your ads, which means your ads will cost more and reach fewer people. An issue which, when running their campaigns, could have left you scratching your head if you didn’t thoroughly check this metric. 

You can check out your client’s customer relevance score right here:

So remember, when you onboard a client, take the time to celebrate. Congratulate yourself, you’ve pitched, closed, and knocked it out of the park. But before you onboard, do your due diligence and check out that customer feedback score!

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