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Need to get sales running online but need help? Search the Directory at no cost for flexible, pre-screened interns and freelancers for your marketing needs.

Struggling to find support for your Facebook ad campaigns and not sure where to turn to?

We train, screen and pre-qualify marketers so you don’t have to! Whether you’re in need of an intern, a contractor that specialises in your specific industry or a full-time team member, we can help! Candidates are all assessed, trained, and supported by industry experts. You are tapping into the world’s top marketers. Regardless of your business, budget or needs, we likely have a solution that will fit perfectly.

To get started, find the type of member which suites your needs: Inter, Contactor or Full time Employee. Filter through your Industries and Niche needs and click the Get in Touch button on the members that stand out to you! Complete the form and an email will be sent out to those members. They will respond to you directly!


More about the Intern

A beginner level Facebook Ads Marketer with limited experience and no case studies. Unpaid interns are a great, in-demand solution if you don’t have the budget to hire contractors or in house employees but would still like to use Facebook advertising strategies in 2020.

What about a Contractor

Our established contractor candidates are pre-qualified by our team so we know they know their stuff. They all come with great case studies, expert Facebook Ads experience and are members of our DD Pro or Mastermind programs where they have access to high-level coaches. Estimated fees to expect are between $1500-$3000+/mth, depending on expertise. This is the game-changing investment your business will thrive from.

Need a permanent Employee

Hiring an in-house employee is a great solution when your business is geared up to invest in a full-time Facebook Advertising Strategy. Our employee candidates range anywhere from intermediate level marketers (with possible case studies & Facebook Ads experience for $1000-$2000/mth) to advanced level marketers (with guaranteed case studies & high level Facebook Ads experience for $1500-$3000/mth).

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