Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Learning Limited

What Every Facebook Ads Marketer Should Know About Learning Limited

Author: Justin June 28 | Blog

What Every Facebook Ads Marketer Should Know About Learning Limited

Author: Justin June 28 | Blog

In this article, Facebook Ads Marketer Cat Howell shares what Learning Limited is and what you can do to overcome it.

Last year, Facebook rolled out a new delivery status called “Learning Limited” that allows advertisers to see the status of an ad set’s optimization.

This shows up as a yellow hazard triangle ⚠️ at the ad set level and can be pretty troubling for marketers seeing this for the first time.

A quick scroll over the status and Facebook will provide you with the explanation that the ad set isn’t generating enough leads to allow it to fully optimize and exit the learning phase and that this is either caused by cost controls, budget, or audience size.

Facebook Learning Limited

So what gives? Can the “learning limited” issue hurt your campaigns if you don’t do anything about it and how can you address this?

In this article, Cat Howell shares more information on the Facebook Ad learning phase as well as possible solutions you can use to overcome.

Before we dive into the solution of solving learning limited issue, it’s important to firstly understand the learning phase.

The learning phase is essentially a period when Facebook’s delivery system spits your ads out to lots of different people in your targeting to explore the best way to deliver your ad set. During this phase, performance can be very volatile and results aren’t usually the best.

New ad sets will always enter the learning phase by default and when you make significant edits to your ad set this will also put it back into this stage. Because of this it’s best to avoid making any tweaks or changes to your ad set during this phase (step away from the keyboard!!).

Generally speaking, you can expect your ad set to exit the learning phase after about 50 event triggers are registered. Failing this, you’ll receive the “Learning Limited” warning.

When “Learning Limited” warning happens there are a few things you can do:

  • Increase the budget being allocated to that ad set – ideally, you want to be spending 5 x what your average CPL or CPA (or whatever the event you are optimizing for) per day
  • Increase your audience size – I would normally recommend that you duplicate the ad set and pause original instead of making changes to the existing one when doing this in case you need to go back to the previous optimization.
  • Reduce the number of ad creatives being used – depending on your budget try to limit creatives to 2-3 creatives in an ad set
  • Last resort = change the optimization – again, I’d recommend you duplicate the ad set instead of making changes to existing one
  • A question we get asked a lot is – should I switch the campaign to a traffic objective or different objective when this happens and the short answer is, NO. A partially optimized conversion campaign will always perform better than a traffic campaign.


No matter you receive “Learning Limited” warnings or not, the most important rule of thumb in marketing, life, and especially FB advertising = DON’T TOUCH WHAT’S NOT BROKEN!

If you are getting a decent amount of leads and have healthy ROAs, it’s best to just continue managing your campaign as you were.



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