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Why your Facebook Retargeting Campaign Has Spending Issues

Author: Justin November 25 | Blog

Why your Facebook Retargeting Campaign Has Spending Issues

Author: Justin November 25 | Blog

In this article, we share a snippet of a Digital Distillery Pro Facebook Ad support call.

The topic: Why your Facebook Retargeting Campaign Has Spending Issues.

Have you ever wanted to spend a certain amount of ka-ching on your Facebook Ads but no matter what you do, it just won’t feed out properly – especially at MOF and BOF?

Well, this is exactly what Karl faced when he ran a Halloween flash sale.

Eager to spot the bottlenecks of his Halloween Facebook Ad eCommerce campaign, Karl hopped onto a live support call with Digital Distillery Pro coach, Derek Stroh who shared reasons why he was facing spending issues and recommendations for how to fix them ahead of BFCM (not shown in video snippet).

Watch a snippet of their call here.

Pictured: Derek Stroh, Digital Distillery Pro Guest Coach

Karl: We’re now looking forward to Black Friday, Cyber Monday. They want to run a similar kind of one-off promotion for that. Where we’re lookin’ at maybe doing like a seven-day campaign and dialing up the media spend for that week to a 2000 pound media spend. And we obviously just wannna make sure that we’re in a position to run that kind of spend and that we’re not gonna face a similar kind of challenge or at least be able to make sure that we spend that budget through. So if that means going in with a slightly higher than normal daily budget and having to scale back towards the end, if that’s the case. Given how the market’s kind of performing right now. So what’s the best way of going through that? Is it best for me to kind of share my screen and walk you through what we got up?

Derek: Yeah. Yeah, let’s do that.

(clock ticking)

Derek: I would say one of the things and let’s just look at this too. These are both top of funnel.

Karl: Yeah.

Derek: Right. So these top of funnel one’s almost fed out the entire budget, right?

Karl: Yep.

Derek: It’s pretty damn close. It’s just the bottom of funnel ones and middle of funnel ones that didn’t.

So there’s two things that you can do here, right.

Because when you’re dealing with middle of funnel and bottom of funnel, Facebook will cap you out at some point, right? Especially over like a two to three-day period.

It’s not gonna cap you out. It’s not that Facebook… I should clarify. It’s not that Facebook is gonna like completely cap you out and be like, “Oh you can’t spend this much on retargeting.” It’s more so it’s gonna cap you out because you only have a finite group of people. Right?

You have like a group of 1000 people or here, for example, you have 691 people that you’re hitting.

Karl: Yeah.

Derek: And there’s only a certain… not every single human is as crazy about Facebook and on Facebook as much as we are, right?

Karl: Yeah.

Derek: So that’s the other thing. That’s the other kind of like restriction there is that from a bottom of funnel or middle of funnel perspective, there’s a finite group of people and it’s a smaller group of people that you’re trying to re-target. Right?

So there’s a couple of things that can come into play. Just the fact that these people aren’t online as much. The other thing is that they just might not be online like as frequently as you want them to be on, right? ‘Cause here, if you want to spend this 75 bucks, you would have had to increase this spend by about 50%. So your frequency would be at eight over the course of three days, which is pretty high, very high.

An eight times frequency is fine but over the course of three days, that’s really high.

Karl: High concentration yeah yeah.

Derek: That’s one thing. Yeah. This one as well, same kind of deal, right? Like 72 bucks, you spent 66% pretty much of it, right? So you were missing out on that like additional 30%. And again it would bring you up to a pretty high frequency there.

Karl: Yeah, right, okay.

Derek: That’s where I’m seeing things just stopping. ‘Cause these ones are okay.


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