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How to Use Podcasts to Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency

Author: Catherine Howell July 19 | Blog

How to Use Podcasts to Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency

Author: Catherine Howell July 19 | Blog

In this article, Cat Howell speaks to Jason Portnoy – host of Perfectly Mentored Podcast and owner of JPORT Media, a 7-figure agency specializing in eCommerce solutions – on how to use podcasts to grow your digital marketing agency.

Landing the Trophy Clients 

We all want to work with high-paying, high-quality clients that value our services and stay with us for the long run. 

But landing those types of accounts isn’t exactly something that happens the moment you decide to go into business… unless you’re already well connected.

Instead, most of us spend years earning our stripes, working with the low-balling, high-maintenance leads that make our inbox bleed trying to build up our portfolio of case studies and testimonials so that the trophy clients will finally trust us with their businesses.   

The good news – years of self-sacrifice is optional – there is a faster and far more powerful way to land those prized clients that don’t require any case studies or testimonials. 


I sat down with Academy graduate, Jason Portnoy to discuss exactly how to use podcasts to grow your digital marketing agency.   

As the Founder of a 7-figure digital marketing agency, JPORT Media, and host of the Perfectly Mentored podcast, Jason was able to land the likes of Gary Vaynerchuck on his podcast after just 24 episodes and knows a thing or two about what works and doesn’t. 

Watch: Gary Vaynerchuck on Jason Portnoy’s podcast, Perfectly Mentored

How a Podcast Can Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency 

There’s a psychological phenomenon in the marketing world known as “social proof” whereby a brand can ride off the authority of others to cement its own dominance. 

“If you think about it in terms of ads, Deborah views your ad and sees lots of people have liked and commented on the product and this thereby boosts the credentials and attractiveness of that product,” explains Jason.  

This concept of ‘transfer of authority’ is something that’s all too common in the speaking world whereby if you can get yourself speaking in front of an audience then all of a sudden you are an expert on a subject. 

If you are charismatic and love to listen to people’s stories then podcasts can be another powerful (and Covid-friendly) tool to boost your authority and bypass the years spent trying to garner this organically through a portfolio of work. 

Below, Jason explains two methods that differ only in who is being interviewed, which can be used to successfully achieve this, and discusses the time commitments and considerations to consider before choosing to launch your own podcast.  

Method #1: Interview those you look up to 

This method works as a double-pronged attack and is useful if the aim is to boost your personal profile and if you would like to get free mentoring or advice from those you respect. 

“Using this method, you get to sit down and talk to some cool people that would never otherwise give you the time of day,” Jason adds. 

The premise is simple.

Guests of your podcast are those you look up to and would like to pick their brains for advice or mentorship (for free).  

“Your authority is built just by association to those individuals. 

Think about it… one of the only reasons Kim Kardashian became famous is because she was Paris Hilton’s assistant and was seen out with her. 

And all of a sudden people wanted to know who Kim was. 

I show a clip of myself interviewing Gary Vaynerchuck, well, guess what, now all of a sudden I’m taken a lot more seriously. 

This is the thought, I must be somebody if I’m able to get their ear and chat with them, and then I’m just using clips that reinforce my marketing beliefs from that episode and put it out there.” Jason explains. 

How to Use Podcasts to Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency
Spotted: Gary Vaynerchuck and Jason Portnoy on Perfectly Mentored podcast filming day

You might be wondering why a Gary Vaynerchuk or authority figure you admire would ever give you the time and day.  

According to Jason, people love to share their stories and grow their authority/profiles so your podcast is a channel for them to do so. 

However, he warns that you shouldn’t try to go straight for the Gary Vaynerchuck’s right away and instead, build yourself up with smaller, influential people first.  

Aim for at least ten episodes before you bring on those you admire just to practice and get into a flow of things. 

Once you bring on one influential person, then it will be easier to attract and land others.  

The more you have, the easier it gets. 

“Not only does this method help you boost your authority, but it’s also a great strategy in the sense that you’re almost getting free mentoring and consultancy.  

And so yourself as a business owner or CEO in your company is constantly upskilling in a way that doesn’t cost you any money – just your time.

Instead of going through someone’s coaching program, I bring them on my podcast,” he says. 

What this could look like IRL

Let’s say, for example, you needed help trying to figure out who to hire next in your business, well you could invite a guest on your podcast that specializes in Agency HR and get free advice while you interview them.

Method #2: Interview your Dream Clients 

Another highly effective method is to interview your dream clients or the decision-makers of your dream client list.  

This method is best if you need revenue coming through the door and FAST. 

“If I had to start (my agency) from scratch, I wouldn’t care about the big names or influencers. 

I would go find my dream 100 clients that I’d love to work with as an agency owner and ask them to be an interviewee on my podcast rather than send them the same pitch everyone else does that goes something like; 

‘Hey XYZ, I’m an agency owner, I’ve noticed your website or I see your ads but know I could do better!’ to which they likely wouldn’t answer,” Jason adds.

This method is so powerful at driving revenues and boosting authority because it allows you to gain 1:1 time with dream clients in your industry and build a relationship with them. 

The reason they would say yes to a podcast interview is much the same reason as in Method 1; although it is easier to land interviewees.  

Once on the podcast, Jason advises by first introducing yourself before beginning the recording and thank them for their time.  

Tell them something along the lines of; 

‘I just want to thank you for coming on the podcast. This isn’t my full-time job, I actually own an agency by the way and I’ve been so impressed with your brand. It’s incredible watching you guys grow. I had to have you on the podcast because I watch you guys from an advertising standpoint and my team and I always joke around things that we would tweak and do better for you guys because we love the brand so much… but in any case, just so in awe of what you built. 

Once the interview wraps up, follow up and stay top of mind, send that person helpful resources, and nourish the relationship. 

This may sound arduous but really, the process is exponentially faster than cold calling or starting from scratch as there’s an existing relationship there. 

Launching Your Podcast

The biggest objection to getting started with the approach to growing your digital marketing agency with a podcast is that it will require a lot of time.  

While it’s true that you will need to dedicate time to identify and interview guests, Jason explains that there are ways to minimize just how much time this takes. 

“One of the biggest hacks I’ve learned in the last year and a half is (to use) VA’s for everything. 

If you hire a VA to manage the whole thing then everything, except the interviews, is off your plate so there’s really no excuse.” 

He adds to his rebuttal that “sure it will take you time, but trying to build your authority and landing those high-quality clients organically will take you much longer, if not years, so you decide where you want to invest your time and energy.” 

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome 

When you’re just getting started and don’t have any episodes under your belt, it’s understandable that you might encounter imposter syndrome and thoughts along the lines of “why would anyone come on my podcast, I’m a nobody, etc.”. 

Jason advises launching your podcast with the understanding that your first five to ten interviews will probably suck. 

It will take you a few episodes just to figure out the flow of things and to boost your confidence. 

This is all part of the process and something even the greatest interviewers like Howard Stern have experienced. 

Jason laughs, adding that he still doesn’t like listening to the sound of his voice. 

“I don’t even listen to my own podcast or watch my video clips – I think my voice is awful. I’m my own worst enemy and my harshest critic.

How to Use Podcasts to Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency
Pictured: Jason Portnoy in front of the camera in Fiji at an Academy event

Anytime someone ever tells me, I don’t want to start a podcast because I’m not a good interviewer. I’m like what did you expect to happen? You’re just going to automatically become Larry King right out the gate or Oprah where people come onto your show, cry and open up to you? It’s never, it’s not going to happen.” 

To wrap up how to use podcasts to grow your digital marketing agency

If you’re struggling to land trophy clients without case studies, testimonials, and authority, podcasting can help you achieve that FAST!

To help you navigate these waters, I sat down with Jason Portnoy; founder of a 7-figure digital marketing agency JPORT Media, an Academy graduate, and podcaster at Perfectly Mentored who shared;

There are two types of methods to achieve your goal.

Method #1: Interview those you look up to 

Benefits of this method include:

  • Builds up your personal profile & authority 
  • Free mentorship and advice from those you respect 

Method #2: Interview your Dream Clients 

Benefits of this method include:

  • Builds up your authority 
  • Easier to land guests 
  • Brings revenue in quicker than method #1 
  • Gets you 1:1 time with dream clients & key decision-makers 

Jason also shared that VA’s can help you avoid spending too much time on the admin side of podcasting. All you need to worry about is the interview!

Oh and just a reminder that your first five to ten podcasts WILL PROBABLY suck! 

It’s completely normal – don’t let imposter syndrome be the reason why you don’t give this type of lead generation a crack.

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