Training: How to repeatedly scale Facebook ad campaigns beyond 7-figures

Training: How to repeatedly scale Facebook ad campaigns beyond 7-figures

Author: Catherine Howell September 19 | Blog

Training: How to repeatedly scale Facebook ad campaigns beyond 7-figures

Author: Catherine Howell September 19 | Blog

Use this training by Depesh Mandalia to Scale Facebook Ads.

Training Overview

Have you ever fallen victim to SASS (Shiny New Ad Strategy Syndrome)? 

We’re talking about the need to learn and implement Facebook’s latest, shiny features (CBO, Facebook Stories, etc.) into your existing Ad strategy.

The reality is that this can, more often than not – result in a hack-job of different strategies that overcomplicates what is really required to succeed and scale Facebook ads.

And it could be what’s preventing you from consistently scaling your campaigns!

In his recent guest coaching call, International Speaker, Thought-Leader, and FB Ads Expert, Depesh Mandalia, shared the exact process (The BPM Method) he uses to scale Facebook Ads beyond the 7-figure mark.

The Changing Landscape

Back in the days, and we’re only talking a few years back here (things move quickly with Facebook), it used to be pretty easy to get people to buy from you as ads were fairly unusual in the newsfeed.

However, this is no longer the case, with an increase in advertisers taking to the platform and consumers getting smart with ads, even with added advertising inventory, it’s much harder to get a click these days let alone a high-quality one. 

The good news is that Facebook’s learning capability is getting better and better at removing the actual stress of running campaigns. It all comes down to understanding how the algorithm actually works before you can scale Facebook Ads.

The Facebook Algorithm

B.EA.R is the acronym used to explain the factors that Facebook looks at when optimizing ads and deciding who gets to see what, when, and how much it will cost you to deliver your ads.

Scale Facebook Ad Algorithm

While it may seem confusing at first, it really boils down to a few things – if you can give Facebook a happy user, it, in turn, will provide you with inventory, affordable ads, and an ability to scale.

This means that being a great marketer that’s able to scale Facebook Ads boils down to equally focusing on:

1. Your funnel

 Can you convince and convert?

2. The offer/product

Do you have a clear solution or opportunity?

3. Audience

Do you know your audience intimately?

4. The set up of your campaigns

Are you mostly relying on the latest shiny strategy that every “expert” is talking about? Or are you using tried & tested methods that work?

Grad Testing

If you’ve been through the Digital Distillery Pro membership and applied Rapid Fire Testing methodologies to your campaigns then you would be somewhat familiar with Grad Testing – a method Depesh explains helps them to solidify a funnel and assets before placing large budgets (although applicable regardless if you are just starting with $10/day or $10K/day).

The whiteboard image below was created by one of his team members and illustrates the testing process:

Phase 1: Audience  

What works for one audience may not work for another, testing existing audiences that have shown interest in the past as well as new audiences. Once audiences that work are identified, they are moved to Phase 2.

Phase 2: Ads/creatives 

Testing various creatives across different audiences. Once winning creatives are identified, they are placed in a separate post-engagement campaign to build up social proof (likes, comments, and shares). 

Tip: make sure you are keeping an eye on comments and responding daily as Facebook really likes this level of engagement.

Phase 3: Prospecting & Scaling Facebook Ads

Once winning ads are found, instead of going straight into scaling, go into prospecting. So aim to have consistency in results BEFORE scaling – what you’re looking for is that results can remain consistent over a 3-5 day period. 

Once this is achieved then apply a tentative scaling approach, bump your ad set spend by 20% and leave it for a couple days – again you are trying to see if there is consistency in results.

The BPM Method

Depesh’s process for scaling campaigns rapidly can be broken down in the following:

  1. Ensure solid core offer and funnel
  2. Build & test
  3. Stability & Optimization
  4. Scale Testing
  5. Automation
  6. Growth

You can hear more about each step in the video above. If you’d like to gain additional training and support around the BPM method, check out the links below.

Access the updated CBO Cookbook >>

Access extended training on the BPM method >>

Claim your Digital Distillery Pro membership >>

A Little About Depesh

We actually met Depesh a few years back and immediately hit it off. We can tell authentic marketers from the fluff and invited him to speak at our annual agency event.

If you’ve never heard about Depesh, he as an advisor to Facebook, working closely with product managers and engineers of the platform.

He worked on the client side driving over $40M in revenue and then launched his own agency working with clients and driving $40M in sales. In 2019 he launched his own program and his students have since gone on to drive over $10M in revenue.

The short of it, he knows his stuff when it comes to scaling large spend volumes on Facebook.

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