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How to start offering Facebook ads a service

Author: Catherine Howell October 20 | Blog

How to start offering Facebook ads a service

Author: Catherine Howell October 20 | Blog

How to start offering Facebook ads a service

It was just five years ago when companies barely even gave Facebook the time and day and – trying to secure any kind of budget – well, forget about it.

Back then it was all about likes and boosted posts. Whoever could fault the biggest audience was the top-dog on the platform.

Oh, how times have changed!

In the past four years alone over the platform has grown to over seven million advertisers (up from 4 million in 2016) and now brings in one-fifth of global advertising spend alongside its arch-nemesis Google.

The popularity hasn’t gone unnoticed and the trend has given rise to a new kind of opportunity – services helping businesses to leverage the Big Blue.

But, before you start thinking that the space is completely oversaturated already with marketers and agencies, think again!  

Consider this:  A typical relationship/baby/ even dog affinity group can house up to 10M followers.  Groups and communities for Facebook marketers – well the largest ones sit at around 200K!   That’s 200,000 marketers for 7 million advertisers!

And perhaps you’ve seen the demand yourself, with clients requesting Facebook advertising services.  Maybe you’re in SEO, or website builds, perhaps your jam is PR – and yet more and more, you’ve come to realize you are missing the wave by not being able to marry your services with one that is in such hot demand! However, the last thing you want to do is to jump the bandwagon and stretch yourself thin.  

So before taking the plunge here are some things to consider when deciding to include FB ads in your menu

Delivering on What You Sell

One thing that differentiates Google or Youtube ads from Facebook is the complexity of the platforms.  Whilst Google and Youtube ads are fairly straight-shooting in terms of setup, Facebook requires some acumen in order to really get the most from your campaigns.

To top this off, different industries will require fundamentally different approaches and funnels in order to succeed.  What this means is that you should first try to master a specific type of funnel or problem before offering super broad “Facebook ad services”. 

 For example, let’s say you currently work with lots of local businesses.  Perhaps one of these was a mattress company that you were able to generate great results for.  Instead of just offering FB ads to all local businesses, start with mastering funnels for mattress companies and position yourself in this manner.  

This will ensure you can build and maintain your confidence with delivery and – therefore – protect the longterm viability of your business. If you want to start offering FB ad services but don’t want to do the implementation yourself – use this free directory to find pre-screened marketers


Here’s something that will stump most FB marketers up at one stage or another – framing and setting the right expectations. 

 It can be REALLY difficult to predict every single type of event that might occur but some basics that you should be having conversations with clients around include:  

  •   Required ad spend commitment (we would normally ask for at least $2K for lead gen and $10K for ecomm)
  •  Timeframe to seeing results (we would normally allow three months to “crack” brand new or broken funnels)
  • Community moderation – who is responsible for responding to and managing comments on ads? You or the client?
  • Client responsibilities – that they are responsible for ensuring the billing method doesn’t bounce, who is responsible for the funnel or website conversion rate or optimisation, who is responsible for supplying creatives?


If you’re concerned about your ability to generate results from campaigns, there are a ton of resources out there to help and support networks – you can also tap into hands-on help from experts.


With hundreds of horror stories out there of businesses being ripped off by “so-called” FB marketers, it’s critical that you try to build up your authority and properly communicate your ability to generate results.  

And while this may not be an issue if you’re simply on-selling the service to existing clients who already know, like, and trust you – cold leads will definitely be asking “how can I trust you”.

One of the easiest ways to get started here is to get a Facebook Business Blueprint certification – this is a free course put up by Facebook and the certification is a badge you will be able to proudly showcase as you start to build up your street crew and portfolio.

Another strategy around this is to either team up with or white-label to someone who is skilled and experienced with the types of campaigns you are selling in.  This is a great approach if you are trying to build a business that isn’t chewing into every single hour of your day and if you know you eventually want to move away from implementation. 

 Make sure you screen your marketers or partners carefully though as failing to do this can also cost you the account (get matched for free here).

If you’re just getting started out and don’t have existing clients to sell your new services to you can boost up your portfolio and case studies through the FATC monthly members. Click here to find out more!

Taking the plunge into Facebook ads as a service can be a powerful way to beef up your own business growth but remember – at the end of the day – just as with any other service, you should be able to deliver on the results you are selling in.  

This all starts with your knowledge and confidence with the service.

If you’d like to learn the skill commanding the dollars click here.

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