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Pay the Invoice: Episode 2

Author: Ad Hacks August 23 | Blog

Pay the Invoice: Episode 2

Author: Ad Hacks August 23 | Blog

Episode 3 Dropping September 7th (subscribe)

Landing leads and building your authority is a piece of cake

… or is it?

Cat takes the crew through agency lead generation systems and Derek lands on a stage of 3,000!

Do you have a lead generation system in place?

So this week, we look into identifying our ideal client and building our lead generation funnel.

The best place to start is to find out what problems your solution solve and then who shares these problems. What is the first thing they think about when they wake up in the morning?

An anecdote:

A web developer walks into a party with the mayor of his town. He pulls the mayor aside, excited to show him something he’d been working on. He pulls out his laptop and reveals to the mayor an amazing website he’s put together for the town. 

He tells the mayor this will be an incredible asset for tourism, and it will help attract more people. 

The website looks very slick, amazing design, and the web developer is (righteously so) very proud. 

But the mayor is not into it at all. He rejects the idea immediately and doesn’t give the website a second look. Even though it’s a really, really good website.

So what happened here?
The web developer offered a premium product. Why isn’t the mayor on board?
Turns out, the mayor doesn’t want any more people in the town. He wants the complete opposite. He wants less tourism, and he likes it just the way it is.

The web developer did not assess or identify the problem properly. His website, however amazing in design, did not solve an issue. 

And that is literally what sales is. What is your avatar’s problem, and can you offer a solution? In your pitch, you simply remind them of their problem and connect your solution to it. 

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