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TimePiercers 101
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What you’ve already suspected.

You’ve been subscribed and taught an outdated model of how things work. E does not equal mc2.

And yet, and yet, we still live our lives as if evidence of something far more majestic than the flesh that is us hasn’t just been discovered. And so here we come to a crossroad where science and the spiritual shake hands. Where science shows that you were the world all along.

If this is your first delve into this concept, welcome. The video below will serve as an introduction to the new paradigm that will completely change your life.

Watch it again. And again. Then click the button below for further immersion.

My job over the next few days will be to guide and mentor you as you take a step into this quantum model.

My job is to make sure you learn how to thrive in this world.

Here’s to your journey my friend.