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How to Stay Relevant As a Digital Marketer

Author: Catherine Howell December 3 | Blog

How to Stay Relevant As a Digital Marketer

Author: Catherine Howell December 3 | Blog

In this article, we share what over 16,000 marketers have tapped into to stay relevant as a digital marketer. PS: It’s FREE!

One of the biggest issues digital marketers and media buyers face when it comes to working in the online space is staying relevant and in the loop, especially when the industry moves a million miles per second!  

Take Google, for example, it’s estimated that the platform runs 300-400 updates to its algorithm each year, and Facebook is just as eager when it comes to code updates.  

Many of these changes are minute and don’t impact client campaigns, however, some are fairly significant and have massive implications when it comes to the strategies and tactics you choose to employ.

Add in the fact that most of these platforms simply don’t even publicly announce or post about the change made to their lines of code and you have a recipe that makes it near impossible to stay in the loop! 

Of course, one approach to keeping your finger on the pulse of things is to patrol scores of online groups, but of course, this would only really work if you had the time to do this – a luxury not many of us can afford.

Queue Stacked Marketer’s daily digest emails!  

The company scours 100+ sources including websites, FB Groups, and Twitter to bring you a free daily resource of all the most important online marketing updates straight to your inbox – saving you time and effort! 

The newsletter provides you with all the latest marketing news, trends, tech, and actionable advice from platforms like Facebook, Google, native ads, SEO, TikTok, affiliate marketing, email, and more – Monday to Friday!

In less than five minutes per day, you can tap into all the important info you need to stay sharp, relevant, and impress your clients with your level of knowledge.

The best part – it’s 100% free and you’re guaranteed to get the absolute latest updates! 

If you buy ads online, work with clients, run eCommerce stores or work with affiliate sales, this is one hack you won’t want to miss out on. 

Check out what over 16,000 marketers have tapped into and subscribe today for free.

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