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Facebook Groups: Getting Serious with An Audience

It’s no secret that Facebook can do amazing things for your business. More and more businesses are looking to Facebook ads, and it’s almost impossible to fathom that in 2017 any given business wouldn’t have a Facebook Business Page.

How to start offering Facebook ads a service

It was just five years ago when companies barely even gave Facebook the time and day and – trying to secure any kind of budget – well, forget about it.

Back then it was all about likes and boosted posts. Whoever could fault the biggest audience was the top-dog on the platform.

Oh, how times have changed!

So, why use Chatbots, anyway?

If you’re one of those people watching the “rise of the bots” and thinking, “yeah … I should really do something with that …” you’re not alone. I hear you on what it’s like to find the hours to keep up with all the ideas in your head and the software options that must be played with!


The craziest time of the year is almost upon us, and – as if it wasn’t hard enough trying to navigate high CPMs and unparralled competition with campaigns – Facebook (somewhat sadistically) usually rolls out some pretty big updates right around this time too, which typically results in bugs and broken campaigns (anyone remember the two day blackout around Black Friday last year!).  

How to Set Up Reporting for Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Our Masterminder Nicholas Foo runs a digital marketing agency in Singapore that focuses on lead generation and helping his clients convert leads into appointments and sales.

Foo uses a reporting, monitoring and workflow platform called Swydo to compile performance across all of his Facebook clients and campaigns.

The training focuses on the 4


After six years of playing in the online marketing space, I’ve become somewhat immune to trolls – I often forget how horrible of an experience it was to deal with when I was first getting started out.  can be when you’re first getting started out.