What's working with Facebook ads this month? (Nov 2019)

What’s working with Facebook ads this month? (Nov 2019)

Author: Catherine Howell October 25 | Blog

What’s working with Facebook ads this month? (Nov 2019)

Author: Catherine Howell October 25 | Blog

What’s working with Facebook this month – November 2019

Much like Google, Facebook averages a new algorithm update almost on the daily. But unfortunately for us advertisers, it doesn’t usually make announcements around these or how they impact campaigns.

It’s often through trial and error and connection with fellow peers that we discover the tactics that are no longer relevant and those that are dominating the platform.

This can sometimes be the most frustrating part of running a Facebook advertising business. Not only do you need to manage all your clients and sort out your own backyard, but you also need to stay on top of everything that’s happening just so that you can actually stay relevant and deliver results.

So what’s really working with Facebook ads this month?

In this exclusive training provided to our FATC coaches we discuss what’s working and what’s not for November 2o19.

Note: This is an actual training call that our coaches have each month to help our coaches stay sharp and on top of the latest strategies and tactics, just one of the many ways we help support our members join the ranks as top Facebook Marketers in the world!

Listen in as we share: 

behind the scenes on a cloaking quiz funnel…
a messenger strategy to sell in subscription boxes or monthly memberships…
what audiences FB is digging right now…
✅ how to triple conversions by email gating Wistia videos…
 and more!

Key Takeaways & Times

The messenger bot TOH funnel (from 8:22 – 42:00 mins)

  • Disclaimer (only one sale, tracking not connected to pixel as nervous about account status)
  • Setting up a reporting column
  • Inline events and how to set these up
  • Expanded interests are working well at the moment
  • Read more from Rutger and chatbots here

Messenger offer ad for lead gen (from 42:00 – 45:30 mins)

Using messenger offer of discounted first month to sell in subscription boxes – tested on car washes, yoga studios, and gyms successfully as well.

Collecting email addresses straight from Wistia videos (from 45:30 – 50:00 mins)

Brandon Smits shares how he was able to triple conversion rates by simply email gating his wistia videos.

Want to stay relevant with Facebook ads but don’t have time?  

Each week we share Facebook Ad Updates to our members inside FATC .

To take the pain out of staying relevant and to join the top 10% of Facebook marketers then sign up to FATC today: fatc.cathowell.com

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