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Pay the Invoice: Episode 1

Author: Ines Lotfi July 25 | Blog

Pay the Invoice: Episode 1

Author: Ines Lotfi July 25 | Blog

Here’s the truth.

I smoked a joint…

Six months ago, I smoked a joint and this crazy idea came into my head.

And I just couldn’t shake it. It stuck with me. And when I get an idea that sticks, I have to get it out. So I move very, very fast.

Admittedly, a lot of the time, I don’t really think through what I’m doing. Which I think is my superpower as an entrepreneur, because I’m a very fast visionary implementer.

Before all this happened, I was very apprehensive. I made this huge promise that if you worked with me, you’d get results. I essentially made a bet on myself to make a difference in these people’s lives and if I couldn’t do it, then what?

Plus, and this goes back to me being a fast implementer who doesn’t think things through, I didn’t properly screen any of these people. I just jumped.

And then I met them…

My group. They each told me their personal and professional stories, and I thought: “I can work with this. I can do this.” I wanted to provide these guys with all the resources and support they would ever need to make it happen. 

In the 8 weeks that followed, I took this incredible group of people through intense agency training, mindset exercises, trips, float sessions, meditations, and much more…